Your Support Still Counts……

Dear Supporter,

     I thank you for your support through the years and ask that you continue to support our efforts. Our children deserve the investment of our time and resources.

     I am often thanked by parents and YSI alumni for helping students get into college, for YSI providing workshops that inspire youth to achieve, or for tutoring those until they begin to understand the subject that at first seemed impossible. I accept the acknowledgement and remind them that there is a community of supporters behind me and the work of YSI.

     Financial assistance is needed to aide us in continuing our work. Each year we embrace new programs that we feel meet the needs of the children we serve. We have the courage to do so due to our faith that you will help us.

     I know firsthand the importance of our work. My family needed assistance when my sisters, brother and I were growing up in Trenton. To this day, I am grateful to those who provided programs that encouraged me and provided me with the skills I needed to pursue my career.

     Please help us to continue our work. There is so much more to do. Support our programs and/or our fundraising events.  Be counted.  Any amount will be greatly appreciated.


Jerri L. Morrison
Founder and Executive Director

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