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Amehweh Yavogar, Tutee, 11th-grade student, Mercer County Technical School, NJ

“Normally, when I think about tutoring, good things do not come to mind. I put a barrier between the tutor and student and it becomes a challenge. However, homework becomes easier with the assistance of Lawrenceville School tutors. I get to sit down and finish work I would not have done otherwise and get advice on things I could improve on. As a result, I have turned in my work on time and my grades have improved. Overall, being tutored was one of my great decisions. Before I started tutoring, I was falling short of my potential. I was constantly turning work in late and did not put my full effort into my work. Having two hours per week with a tutor gives me the opportunity to ask questions even when my teacher is unavailable. This program is helping me.” 


Danay Moody, Tutee, 11th-grade student, Hightstown High School, NJ

“The YSI virtual tutoring sessions have helped me so much with my remote learning. I receive assistance in math and chemistry. My tutor really goes through the subjects thoroughly just like she would in face-to-face tutoring sessions. She taught me shortcuts that help me get the answers faster than I normally would. If we have extra time, we also have conversations about our adjustments to remote learning. I am so grateful that I was granted the opportunity to receive assistance with my school work.”


Sabrina Yeung, Tutor, 11th-grade student, Lawrenceville School, NJ

“Before starting to tutor at YSI, I had never tutored younger kids before, so I have to admit, I was nervous. I remember walking in on the first day into the classroom and seeing Julio sitting at the desk. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to tutor Julio. To see his growth over the past few months academically and as a student, in general, makes me feel like a proud teacher! The environment in the YSI classroom as well as all of the resources provided to tutors and tutees have helped Julio to grow. When I tutored Julio virtually, his same vibrant energy radiated through the screen as it does in person, making me feel even more energetic. This experience has helped me grow as a person as well as gain a new perspective on learning. It has also made me have a greater appreciation for my teachers and mentors. I am also so thankful to Mrs. Morrison, Ms. Cantlay, and Ms. Ferguson for giving me the opportunity to tutor with YSI.”


Sid Ramachandran, Tutor, 11th-grade student, Lawrenceville School, NJ   

“Being an online tutor has been a great experience. This program focuses not only on education but also on inspiring confidence in students. I have learned that there are several ways to build confidence, and one simple way is to make students realize that they can actually understand their subjects. Since the tutors are mostly high school students, the atmosphere is friendly and engaging. The tutees are energetic and motivated, which makes tutoring a gratifying experience. I am grateful for the opportunity to help kids in our neighborhood and to learn many things along the way in this well-organized program.”  

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